Booking Birichen

Available for corporate and social events across Scotland.

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What will you path look like?
What will you path look like?

The Spirit of Birichen

The path behind is not the path ahead.


It starts with one
It starts with one

The Sound of Birichen

First material from Birichen, tentively titled Hush, coming soon.

It has been a busy couple of months recording and preparing to debut the sound of Birichen.

Strippped back accoustic music, the work focuses on the interplay between voice, fiddle and guitar.

We will soon be up on our very own YouTube channel!

Spaniel curls and wild ideas!
Spaniel curls and wild ideas!

So what can we expect?

Classically trained, our owner is always up for a challenge. and enjoys making arrangements come alive.

We bring the music to you, including off-grid PA systems and additional musicians, depending on what you are looking for and availability.

Think cocktail mixology meets music and the path ahead will be wild!

When can we start?

Whether you are looking for a full tilt Cèilidh or an intimate acoustic evening for your guests or clients, Birichen can cater to your needs.

Folk, jazz, blues and swing are just some of the genres we are passionate about. Never be afraid to ask for something off the menu!

Discussing space, guests and the aim of the event with our owner is an important part of delivering your party your way.