Stepping Off

I went to the Landmark Centre at Carrbridge with my niece and nephew.

Nephew was very excited about doing the "SkyDive" now that he was tall enough. He had grown enough over the past two years to get harnessed up, climb 50ft in the air and step off into the air.

He had seen me take this step in 2016 and thought it looked absolutley awesome.  He positively glowed with glee as he stood atop the platform, surveying the park.

I was not far behind but, as an adult going through fresh changes and challenges, a small step can seem like a big leap. Rationally, I know that I am safe and will not fall, the harness is there after all. In starting a new venture? Not so much.

I had seen people climb 20ft, sometimes 30ft, even make it to the platform, and then freeze. Often, the idea of climbing back down ended up being even more terrifying to some.

It got me thinking that the path behind me is not the path ahead.  Standing on a platform, I could step off and have an exhilerating journey ahead of me or I could take the far more difficult route of climbing back down the way I came up.

I've been thinking about Birichen for a while now and it seems that I'm at the top of the platform.

So I'm stepping off!

The journey is going to be awesome.

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