Hush, a collection, is out on 24 October.

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What do you want to see?

Planning an event can be overwhelming and having a clear view may seem impossible when you are busy and being pulled in multiple directions.

The advantage of engaging Birichen to handle music is that we look ahead at what can be. Uniquely positioned to provide a variety of styles for you and your guests, we start from your viewpoint and go from there.

Do you want an elegant and intimate gathering with live music but unsure of how that would work in your garden or house? Birichen can help you visualise and realise the music for your event.

What you won’t see

Lots of wires, random bits of kit and jackets on the floor. Birichen believe in keeping things neat. Our PA system is minimalist, off-grid, and, importantly, sets up and packs away quickly.



clear view